Established in 2021, the International Society for Comparative Philosophy toward World Philosophy (“CPWP” for short)  is a non-profit, independent philosophical society in the international academic arena. 

The Society aims at: (1) promoting comparative philosophy as a general way of doing philosophy through cross-tradition engagement toward world philosophy, which seeks dialogue, mutual understanding and learning, complementarity, and joint contributions by distinct approaches and resources from different philosophical traditions worldwide for the sake of the contemporary development of philosophy and society; (2) facilitating academic exchange and discussion of ideas among interested philosophers in various regions worldwide, and providing them with effective channels and platforms in view of the foregoing goal. 

The Society emphasizes (but is not limited to) the constructive engagement of distinct approaches and resources from different philosophical traditions (whether distinguished culturally or by style/orientation) or from (ancient) philosophical tradition and contemporary scholarship (philosophy or other intellectual pursuits): inquire into how they can talk to and learn from each other and make joint contributions to the contemporary development of philosophy through treating a range of (perennial, existing or newly identified) issues of philosophical value and significance that can be jointly concerned and approached via appropriate philosophical interpretation and from a higher and/or broader philosophical vantage point. 

The Society also pays attention to the suitable role that comparative philosophy toward world philosophy can play via its relevant methodological and theoretic resources concerning how to enhance dialogue, mutual understanding, and complementary engagement between contraries on various issues, in a more widespread social setting, for the sake of contributing to the contemporary development of society worldwide.

For the full text of the CPWP's Constitution (the 28 May 2021 approved version), please click here.