Becoming a Member of the CPWP

Membership of the CPWP is open to any interested philosophers ('philosophers' here is understood broadly: any people who do philosophy) in various regions in the world.

To join the Society, please click here, which will take you to the "CPWP Interest Form" as the membership application form. The membership application form will ask for your name, academic affiliation (if applicable), education background, areas of research or interest, representative research writings (if applicable), and contact information. (The completed "CPWP Interested Form" is to be sent via email attachment to the President and Secretary-Treasurer of the current term of the Executive Board at their emailing addresses.)

Being sensitive to distinct specific situations of the members in various regions, the CPWP does not charge mandatory dues but voluntary membership dues. The members who find themselves in a position to contribute are encouraged to contribute voluntary annual membership dues [US$25.00].  

Voluntary donations to the CPWP or/and the open-access non-profit  journal Comparative Philosophyfor which the CPWP is one of  the co-publishers, are welcome and appreciated.

Contributions (voluntary annual membership dues or voluntary donations) can be made to the CPWP in one of the following two ways:
(1) via the PayPal account, which is convenient to those both outside and within USA without transaction fee while being safe, quick and private [one needs to set up one's own free PayPal personal account (at for sending one's contribution (from one's checking account or credit card account associated with one's PayPal account) to the Society's PayPal account by entering its gmail address ""];
(2) via check or money order which can be sent to the CPWP Secretary-Treasurer at the
 mailing address provided on the "Contact" page

<1> The CPWP has registered as a non-profit organization whose "public charity" tax exempt status under IRC Section 501(c)(3) has been approved by IRS on December 2, 2021.  The donation to the CPWP is to count, for U.S. tax purposes, as a charitable donation.  For the tax  purpose of potential donors in the USA, the Society's EIN ("Employer Identification Number" - also called "Tax ID Number"), which has been issued by the IRS, is this: 87-1256946.
<2> When a donor makes voluntary donation, please explicitly indicate in the note that this donation is made to the CPWP, or to the open-access journal Comparative Philosophy, or to both (indicating the percentage of the amount to each).